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Angel Screencaps

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Welcome to Angel Screencaps!

Hey everyone. I've made this angel screencaps community for the following reasons:

1. There aren't enough Angel Screencaps
2. If there are, I can't find them.
3. We need more Connor screencaps as well as other characters.. hehehe.
4. With Angel ending, I need screencaps to keep myself sane.

Ok, well that's it. I guess there should be some rules...

1. If you want to post a bunch of screencaps, please post them underneath a cut.
2. Requests are fine, I think i'll make up a form or something. See below for details
3. Please share. We all love angel.

oh, and I made a bunch of screencaps, like 500, but I don't really feel like uploading them one by one to my photobucket account. so if anyone feels like putting them up on their website, i would be happy to oblige. all i ask is some credit. :D

Requests... ok.

Season and Episode:
Specific Scene:
Specific Character:

If someone can take requests, then please list which eps or seasons you can cap.